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Are You Willing to Experiment in the Bedroom? Pleasure Principle

WORDS BY DAVE JACKSON It was the sound of the arm and leg restraints lifting that woke her. Everything was padded: the floor… the walls… the chair… The room had a series of trap doors only marked by the timing of released air through a small slit in the padding. Dawn began to adjust herself […]


Would You Have Sex With Your Ex One Last Time?

WORDS BY FARRAH BARNES I knew I was playing myself telling him to come and meet me at the nail salon, because I was already lit up off of the two Mai Tai’s I consumed right before getting here. I wasn’t actually thinking of fucking but… Well…wait. Yes I was. But I knew I had […]


10 Things That Hurt Most When You Break Up

It’s no secret that a break up is a painful process, no matter which side of it you’re on. Almost everything about it is miserable, but there are some things that are particularly hurtful; these 10 things are among the worst parts of ending a relationship. [...]


Do Best Friends Make The Best Relationship?

Being friends with the opposite sex can easily be the most complicated thing in the world. Thanks to Steve Harvey and company there’s the assumption that every man’s female friend is one that he would sleep with, which is not entirely true—at least not for me. Then, there’s [...]


Can You Love Someone & Still Have Feelings For Your Ex?

WORDS BY KAYE MICHELE She woke up angry—incensed. Body shuddering in 85 degree weather from the chill of pure, unadulterated anger. She couldn’t believe it all ended like this. Three months ago, she was being kissed in unimaginable places. The whispered “let go” in her ear causing her to release long moans of satisfaction and unimaginable orgasms galore, […]


Would You Sleep With Someone You Were Breaking Up With?

WORDS BY KAYE MICHELE I knew I was going to sleep with him the minute I met him. How I ended up in a relationship with him is a whole other story. This part of the story, though, starts at the end… [dc]S[/dc]itting in front of my computer, editing yet another story and working on yet […]


Am I Racist If I Don’t Date Outside My Race?

WORDS BY DREW-SHANE Everyday we’re inundated by relationship books, corporate bought-out magazines, blogs, and conversations devoted to Black women and the struggles they face while dating. Despite this topic being discussed over and over and over again, we often forget that dating has much to do with personal preference and happiness, which doesn’t rely heavily […]


Can a Single Father Do It On His Own?

[dc]S[/dc]ingle fathers don’t get enough PR. When it comes to parenting most people only think about the mother. Very rarely are a father’s contributions to rearing a child given most light, especially a single father. Now, that’s not to say that a man doing what he’s supposed to do for his children deserves more praise […]