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Do You Love Your Ex More Than Me? (I Want You Back)


A long night full of partying, hugs, kisses and accolades for my babe had me exhausted. All I wanted to do was to go home and make love to the man I had come to love madly. Not to mention, slip out of these damn heels. But he was being honored with the ESPY “Athlete of The Year Award” and everyone wanted a piece of him! I would have to wait patiently for another few hours before I got what I wanted, while he shook every outstretched hand, gave hugs and flashed his million-dollar smile.

“Finally, I can sit down and rest my feet,” I thought, as we made our way to our reserved booth. My Louboutins were made for looking, not standing.

Being ranked as one of the top 10 female triathletes, I stood toe to toe with my man but tonight was his night. Devon Myles was the highest paid and most talented Black quarterback in the league.

I smiled at the thought.

As we sat down, I let out a sigh of relief.

“Baby, you alright? Tired?,” he asked, attentively touching my face and looking deeply into my eyes.

“I’m good,” I commented jokingly. “But these shoes are a beast, though!”

Our private banter was interrupted by another well-wisher. “Hey, man, I just wanted to say congrats on your award,” Devon’s latest congratulator said over the blaring music. Devon responded with gratitude and a “man hug.”

I paused.

I hadn’t noticed at first but as the stranger’s face peered over Devon’s shoulder and our eyes locked, I realized I knew him well. A bit too well.

Shane Smythe. He knew my curves as well as Devon did—and in the same sense. We were in love once, but the lure of stardom and being the hottest artist on the R&B and pop scene was too strong for him to withstand.

He caved. I left.

He cried. I cried.

He begged. I still left.

Devon never knew.

It took everything in me to keep my cool as Devon introduced me to Shane. He hovered for a while making small talk, while my palms kept sweating until the moment he finally walked away.

Baby, you ready to go?,” Devon asked in his deep southern twang.

“Absolutely,” I blurted, before catching myself. “Anything to get outta these shoes! Just let me hit the restroom first.”

I made my way through the crowd with my unnecessary bodyguard in tow. Devon insisted that I not go anyplace unprotected. “Not even to pee,” he insisted. As I entered the ladies room, I heard the door slam and lock quietly but suddenly. I whipped around and saw Shane standing at the door. My unknowing bodyguard on the other side.

Immediately I looked around to see if there was anyone else in the room.

“There’s no one here except you and I, Nyla,” he said. “I cleared it out. I needed to talk to you.”

He approached.

I backed away.

He got closer, his breath on my cheek. “I miss you,” he whispered. “I need you.”

“Shane, please,” I laughed sarcastically. “Let me use the bathroom so I can go home.”

My voice lacked confidence. He always had a way of breaking me down. His sex was the best I’d ever had and he was sexy as hell with those full lips, smooth chocolate skin and voice smooth as silk.

Shane caressed my face with one hand and let the other rest on my waist. “I need you back, Ny,” he said firmly. “I won’t stop until I have you.”

I knew he meant it.


Shane would make things hard between Devon and I. He would be at every event, every game… He was relentless.

He kissed my lips softly. I tried to pull away but I couldn’t. It was just as I remembered it.



Snap out of it!

“Shane, this is not going to happen again,” I said in a hurried tone. “Devon’s waiting.”

Finally, he backed away but his words spoke volumes: “Fine, but I’m not going away.”

Again, I knew he meant it. But I couldn’t worry about that now, I needed to get out of here before something looked “not right” to Devon and my bodyguard on watch outside the door.

I was able to break free, but not before another heavenly kiss helped cloud my memory and my judgment.

Devon. Shane.

Love. Lust.


I made my way back through the crowd with unknowing bodyguard still in tow and Devon was waiting at the entrance.

What a night this had turned out to be.

As our limo pulled up, Devon helped me inside. He was strong yet gentle and genuinely adored me and I did him. He had the body of an Adonis; chiseled, deep, dark chocolate skin with the face of an angel. Always a gentleman. Soft-spoken but firm and forceful. Never showy. Everything I wanted and wished Shane had been. How did I get so lucky?

Once in the car I kicked off my shoes and Devon let out a laugh. I looked into his eyes and remembered all the reasons I loved him.

“Give me those,” he said, taking both my feet into his hands and rubbing them gently. He made his way up from my ankles to past my knees, then back down. “You looked amazing tonight. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier but that dress made it hard for me to focus.”

He smiled a sly smile.

“I think you did just fine,” I chuckled.

Still rubbing my feet, he had made his way back to my thighs, while gently grazing my warm kitty with each caress.

“Why you playing?” I said, my kitty purring something fierce.

“Me? Playing?,” he chuckled, resting his fingers between my legs just a little longer with each caress.

In one swift movement, he shifted in the seat, raised my dress and slid my lace panties to the side. He stroked me with finger, licking my juices from his index. Next, he let his tongue tease me as he found my clit.

I moaned and writhed.

He held my hips to go deeper with his tongue. I was in ecstasy. I was about to explode.

The car stopped.

We were home.

I wasn’t done yet.

We made it into the house but my knees were still weak. He quickly locked the door and engaged the alarm. We headed upstairs, while my kitty was throbbing, begging to be set free.

The view from our room was amazing.

The waves.

The ocean.


“Now, where were we?”

Devon took his tongue into my mouth deep. I tasted my juices on him. I needed more of him. I needed him to make my kitty his. Make her call his name like never before. I needed him to brand me.

Devon sat in the chair facing the ocean’s view and pulled me to him. He unzipped me. My dress fell to the floor.

I was wearing nothing but lace panties.

He leaned back in the chair and began to caress kitty again with his fingers.

She purred. I moaned.

He licked his fingers. Again.

He brought kitty close to his lips and with his tongue picked up right where he had left off in the car. He sucked gently until she pulsated then exploded all over his tongue. He licked her juices and moaned with delight. I was spent but still wanted more.

My breath deep and hurried, he lifted me onto the bed. There I lay watching him undress. I wanted to touch. But he held my hands.

Teasing me.

Making me wait.

He was bulging. Erect.

I needed to taste it. Feel it deep inside me.

His pants.



There it was in all its beauty.

Smooth. The prettiest I’d ever seen.

I sat up in anticipation.


I crawled toward him ready to take it all in.

He stopped me. Looked down and kissed me deeply.

I am.

Being branded.


I despised this sweet misery.

On my knees, I took him into my mouth. It tasted better than it did yesterday and the day before.

I lick. I rub.

I suck for dear life. Caressing his balls. Licking that space between. His eyes roll and he moans loud and deep. I love his juices on my tongue. I squeeze with one hand and lick with my tongue. I take him all into my mouth.

He wobbles.


Down my throat.


I want more.

Devon turns to face me, kisses me deeply yet again. His dick begins to rise each time he locks my tongue with his. His hands find my kitty and rub her gently. I pull him on me, grinding my hips.

He enters me a little.

Teasing once more.

In. Out.


He plunges in with a long stroke.

I gasp for air and arch my back. He pulls me in and goes deeper still. He takes one breast into his mouth and sucks gently.

The other stands at attention. Nipples hard. The pleasure is too much. I’m on the edge.


I can’t take it anymore and burst in a euphoric surge of energy.


Out of breath.

“Let go, baby,” he whispered, holding me close.

His attentiveness makes me crazier.


I let go.

He’s branded me.

My kitty is his. All his.

We lay side by side naked, holding each other, still wanting more but both too weak to try.

“I love you, Nyla” he says.

My heart fills.

“I love you, too, Devon,” I smile.

“So…,” he continues, “What did Shane want in the bathroom?”


Have you ever been in a situation where someone from your past tried to get you back? Would you consider one last roll in the sack or kick them to the curb? What would you do if your ex cornered you at a party your current partner was at? Would you tell your mate that your ex wants you back or keep it a secret? Would knowing that your boo’s ex tried to make a move on them inspire you to put it down in the bed room? Does the idea of making out in a moving car while a driver is with earshot turn you on? Are you a giver or receiver in the bed room?

Speak your piece…

UPDATE: Click here for Pt. 2

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