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You Wouldn't Wanna Be My Bitch? (Pillow Talk)


Being that it’s Hump Day, I figured I’d take it there…again. Last week it was all about my fertile pen game (CLICK HERE for flashback), this time I just have a couple questions that I hope someone out there can answer.

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even in the heat of passion as I grasped your hips and hit your love box making you cum for the third time in a row?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even if it was just some good ass, 90-degree mid-summer sex in a second story Brooklyn apartment with a broken AC?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even if my stroke was so good that it made you spell my name backwards as you once again relinquished all ownership of your pussy by telling me it was mine?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even if none of what we were whispering to each other in the wee hours of the night could be heard by another soul?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even if I nibbled on your earlobe and told you that this dick was yours for the taking?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even if I told you that I meant it in the sexiest in-the-heat-of-the-moment, take-me-right-now and have your way with me sense?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even for the 30 minutes it took for me to devour your clit before it exploded on my willing tongue?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even for arguments sake of role-playing just long enough to get both you and me to the point of orgasm?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even if I asked in that sexy, forceful way you like when I’m pulling on your hair and arching your back so I can ease deeper inside of you?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even if I told you that I just wanted to see if you were really as freaky as you said you were?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even if I told you that by just pretending you were my bitch for the 60 minutes we indulged each other’s sexual desires would be the only time I would ever call you my bitch?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even if I told you that feminism was alive and well but right now, at this very moment, all I need is a dirty little bitch to fuck the shit out of me?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even if I looked you in your eyes and told that I loved you with all my heart and actually meant it?

You wouldn’t wanna be my bitch? Really? Not even for just one night?

Speak your piece… Please.


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Definition of a Jump-Off


It’s come to my attention that some people are a bit confused as to what exactly classifies someone as a jump-off. Over the past few days I’ve continually found myself embroiled in conversations with women about this topic. While there may be jump-offish tendencies in the scenarios they described in their arguments, I think to label it as such would be erroneous.

Case in point, there was this girl Natasha that I dated for a minute. Sex, conversation and everything was great, even still we realized that we wanted different things out of the relationship and decided to part ways amicably. Since we had such a good rapport, Natasha and I felt that just because we didn’t date anymore that mean we couldn’t be cool. So every so often we’d bump into each other at an event or get up for dinner or a movie. As is the case when exes cavort, sometimes, old sparks get rekindled and we’d wind up sleeping together. During one particular stretch of time the intimacy became kind of consistent and Tasha felt the need to have a “talk” with me. Fellas, you know a “talk” is never good for us. LOL.

“Look, Ans, what is this,” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Am I your little jump-off or something?”

“Huh? What are you talking about? You are not a jump-off.”

“Well, I don’t just want to be sleeping with you whenever you want.”

“We both decided to sleep together. I didn’t just call you up and say, ‘Hey, let’s fuck.’ We went to the movies, ate, chilled and just so happened to end up in bed. I didn’t hang out with you just to get in your pants, I hung out to hang out with you because I like your company.”

“Okay, well, I just don’t want to be nobody’s jump-off because I don’t get down like that.”

“You’re buggin’. A jump-off is some person you call in the middle of the night and all you do is fuck and then bounce or kick them out. That’s not what we do. We don’t even have sex every time we get up it just happens whenever. You’re my friend—maybe with occasional benefits—but my friend nonetheless. So, no, you’re not my jump-off.”

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure but you clarified yourself. So can we do it again? (Laughs).”

I think a lot of women think like Natasha and have things twisted when it comes to defining a jump-off. Just because two consenting adults have sex with no commitment doesn’t mean you’re J.O. status. That just means you had sex. Point blank. Now if that’s all you ever do and you never go out, don’t have actual conversations (sex talk don’t count), and only communicate in the wee hours of the night then you might be a jump-off. Aside from that, you’re an adult engaging in adult activities. If you’re unsure, you can always do what Natasha did and just ask.

So how do you define a jump-off? Do guys and girls have different definitions? Have you ever fallen into jump-off status and didn’t even realize it? Can an ex or friend with benefits be classified as a jump-off? Is anyone willing to admit that they’re a jump-off and proud of it? Are there benefits to being a J.O.? Has any females ever flipped the script and made a guy their jump-off? Whose decision was that? Can a jump-off ever be about more than just sex?

Speak your piece…


Slippery When Wet (Female Ejaculations)


The other day I decided to have an adult conversation about oral sex on the site and that’s exactly what I got. A bunch of commenters went in offering tips, suggestions and all sorts of freaky ish revolving around the oral arts. (And people say what I write is TMI). It was all good, clean grown folk fun and we need as many distractions as possible in a recession. During the course of the dialogue, a side conversation got started between a few people about female ejaculation or what some label “squirting.” This was actually a topic I was thinking about covering at some point, and since the doors already been opened, I figure there’s no better time than the present.

My first experience with a “squirter” was way back in my college days. There was this girl that I was hanging out with through much of the summer and one day she invited me over to the house. One thing led to another, and we got it on. I didn’t feel like I was doing anything out of the norm, just my regular NWSO deep stroke, when shorty started squirming underneath me. No big deal I thought, she’s about to cum. To my surprise, this was no normal orgasm. She moaned increasingly in anticipation of the volcano that was about to erupt from her loins and came like I don’t know what. I mean I could hear this distinct squishing sound as I continued to thrust inside of her and by time we were done both me and the bed were soaked in her fluids.

In retrospect, it was a great experience and accomplishment, but at the time I was scared shitless that I had “broke” something. “Are you okay,” I asked anxiously.

“Yeah,” she said, nodding assuredly. “It scares guys but that’s just how I cum. It doesn’t always happen but I guess you hit that spot.”

Needless to say, shorty and I engaged in physical acts for a while after that and I kept finding that spot. It got to a point where I knew exactly what position to put her in to make her pipes burst and she knew it was on whenever I laid a towel down on the bed before we got it on. Sorry, I enjoyed her juices saturating my stomach, but I wasn’t trying to fuck up my sheets and mattress every time she got a super wet nut. If ever she squirted unintentionally, I made sure she got the wet spot in the bed. It’s her mess, she might as well lay in it. LOL. I kid, I kid.

Aside from this other chick I put it on one drunk night; that was my only “squirter.” But there was this one girl that I almost took to that special place but she was just too scared to go there. She and I had been dealing with each other for a minute and knew each other’s bodies pretty well. There’d be these times where we were going at it and she’d be like, “Ans, I have pee.”

“No you don’t,” I’d bark back.

“Yes, I do. I really have to go.”

“Trust me, it’s not pee. You’re gonna have the most intense orgasm of your life.”

“No, no, I can’t take it,” she’d yelp. “I have to pee.”

“Okay, then pee,” I’d smirk, while riding her harder. “Just let it go, I don’t care.”

“No, I can’t, I’ll mess up your bed. I have to pee.”

“Fine, suit yourself,” I’d say before finally releasing her from my sexual vice grip. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

Every time without fail, she’d go to bathroom but never could get a drop of pee to come out. She’d return to the bedroom later to continue what we were doing, but she’d never get that special tingle back again. I’d always tell her, “You were this close to ecstasy.” Oh, well, her loss.

Fellas, have any of you ever been with a squirter? How did you respond the first time it happened? Ladies, are you a squirter? How did you discover how to reach that sexual plateau? Was it more about the partner you were with at the time or where you were mentally? Were you scared the first time it happened? Is squirting way more intense than a normal orgasm? Can a female that has control over her ejaculation do it on demand or do you need to be in a special zone? Do you have to use the towel technique to save your mattress and avoid sleeping in the wet spot?

Speak your piece…


Since people seemed to have a lot of questions about this topic last time, I figured I’d try to provide a little information about this hard to reach phenomenon. According to the articles I Googled, female ejaculatory fluid is NOT urine. In fact, the urinary tract in men and women normally shuts down during sexual intercourse making that very unlikely. Researchers have found that the female ejaculate is basically the same chemical composition as semen—minus the sperm. The key to achieving this pleasure principle is finding and stimulating the ever-elusive G-Spot.

  • Not every woman can easily ejaculate, so don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work as you expect. In saying this, every woman has the biological anatomy to ejaculate—so it is possible, in theory. It may be more difficult for some because of her physical makeup: weak pelvic floor muscles, inability to properly relax, etc. It takes practice to perfect this trick and learn how to relax properly and go with the flow, so to speak. It is also not a bad idea for your girl to practice this on her own—then she can get the gist of it without feeling shy about the whole pee thing.”

Video advice

Part 1

Part 2

And those looking for NSFW (not safe for work material) Google GushBusters.com for a few sample videos of a female squirting about three-feet in the air. NOTE: NWSO does not co-sign or endorse any of the information and material found on said site.

Happy hunting, kids and as always, please, strap up.

Respectfully yours,



She Won't Spend the Night


There was this girl named Raquel who I dated for a while. I was digging her and the feeling was mutual, so the relationship eventually turned physical. Everything was fine—great actually—in that department, but on our first night together I discovered one of Raquel’s quirks. After we did the deed, she announced that she was leaving.

At first I thought it was me, but she assured me that wasn’t it. She was just very particular about spending the night over at a guy’s house. I tried to reason with her and explain that that it was late, about 3 in the morning, and if she could share her body with me, the least she could do is share my bed afterwards. Raquel was hardheaded and stuck in her ways, part of what I liked about her, and after lounging for a bit, she hopped in her car and promised she’d call me when she got home, which she did.

Raquel and I would go through this tug and pull every time we were intimate, until finally she buckled and spent the night. Prior to that, though, sure she would lay next to me in the after glow for a bit, but as soon as she felt herself dozing off she’d jump up, gather her things and drive home. I’m sure that there are plenty of guys that would love such a scenario but that’s usually for someone you don’t really care about (NOTE: Just because a man sleeps with a woman doesn’t necessarily mean he cares about her). Fortunately, this wasn’t the case with Raquel. She was a good woman that I actually liked, and sorry if this makes me sound soft to the guys, but sometimes I don’t mind some post-coital cuddling. But like clockwork, Raquel would always try to bounce before sunrise.

Maybe she just liked sleeping in her own bed and didn’t like the idea of getting too comfortable at a man’s house that she wasn’t in an official relationship with. Okay, I could understand the comfort factor of your own bed because I loves my queen size, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna troop all the way to it in the middle of the night after I just had a sexual eruption. The only thing on my mind after one of those is having another one or catching some Z’s. Once Raquel got used to idea of staying over, she was introduced to the wonders of morning sex, coupled with breakfast in bed. That’s when she finally realized what she was missing out on. LOL

So is Raquel alone in her desire to not stay over at a lover’s house? For those that share this practice, what’s the reasoning behind it? Is staying over at someone’s house too intimate for you? Are the reasons behind a woman’s post-sex departure the same as a man’s? Does having someone leave after sex make you feel cheap? Or are you glad you have your bed back to yourself?

Speak your piece…




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Sex With the Ex


I was listening to Ne-Yo’s Because of You the other day when “Sex With My Ex” came on and the self-explanatory song got me to thinking about the practice of sexual recycling. Basically that’s when you fall back into the arms of a former lover. Although there are the few rare exceptions, most of us have found ourselves caught up in a crazy chain of events that ends in your ex’s bed (or on their floor, kitchen counter, etc.) at one point or another. Maybe y’all had too much to drink. Maybe y’all contemplated getting back together. Maybe someone was just horny and lonely. Whatever the case, y’all had sex and chances are it was pretty darn good.

See, there’s just something about ex sex. It ranks right up there with makeup sex. Not only is it with someone that you’re comfortable with, but y’all know each other’s bodies and exactly what to do with it. There’s none of the awkwardness or inhibition that comes with a new partner. It’s raw, direct and passionate sex (or love making depending on the circumstances of your hookup). If only every episode could be this intense.

The main reason ex sex can be so good is because if either of you had known the last time was going to be the last time there are probably so many things you would’ve done. Favorite positions you would’ve tried again. Freaky shit you would have done. Held that kiss a little bit longer. I mean, who doesn’t wanna go out with a bang? That’s why ex sex is so good. You put your all into this surprise episode, because this may actually be the last time (well, until the next last time) so you want to do any and every thing you’ve been secretly fascinating about every time you see your ex. Plus, you want to show him/her that you still got it like that and ain’t nobody else out there gonna hold a candle to your lovemaking. If this is gonna be your last impression it will be your best impression. Or maybe that’s just me. LOL.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sex connects people—especially when it’s good. Couples usually break up for a valid reason(s), but good dick/pussy has been known to cloud judgment. Someone might take the intimacy as a sign that things could possibly work between y’all again. Next thing you know you’re reminiscing on the good times before whatever it was that caused y’all to split reared its ugly head. For a brief moment, you might recapture the magic that drew y’all together in the first place and exist in a temporary state of euphoria. One bedroom slip up turns into two, two turns to five. Next thing you know, you’re going at it like jack rabbits on ecstasy every chance you get, claiming that each time is the last time for real, for real. But the loving is too good and you keep coming back for more.

While all this passion and familiarity make for a good roll in the hay, depending on the individuals, it could also open up old wounds. If the two people aren’t on the same page, that one night(s) of passion could have rippling effects on their once harmonious post-breakup friendship. One person might view the tryst as “just sex” and continue down their path of singledom, while the other could be catching feelings. Jealousy could soon set in and a messy re-breakup could soon follow.

In other instances, ex sex could be just a one-time thing (or more) between two mature individuals. Some people are more selective about adding more partners to their little black book or are tired of trying out new people, so they satiate their carnal desires with a reliable gap stop from their past. Whatever the case, it’s key that both parties talk about what happened (or is happening) honestly and don’t try to sugarcoat things or say what they think the other person wants to hear. Ex sex can be great, but there’s probably a good reason why they’re your ex.

So who out there is guilty of ex sex? Was it better than you remembered? Did you regret it as soon as it was over? Was one time enough or did it become a repeat performance? How did you wind up sleeping with your ex? Was it an “accident” or were you between relationships and called in a reliable source for a fix? Is it possible to sleep with an ex and not have emotions involved?

Speak your piece…



The official NakedWithSocksOn.com re-launch &

belated NWSO birthday party.

DATE: Thursday, January 22, 2009

TIME: 6pm to 1am  

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Is Kissing More Intimate Than Sex?



Over the course of the past few years I’ve heard some women say that kissing is more intimate than sex. Their argument typically is that being face-to-face and tongue wrestling with someone is way more personal than inserting your penis in them. No matter how many times I’ve heard it, that statement always perplexes me. Maybe it’s because I have a penis, but I don’t get how smooching holds more weight than intercourse. I mean, isn’t kissing the traditional precursor to sex and not the other way around? Maybe I’m naive but I never heard of a first kiss happening after two people bumped uglies.

For me, the basic laws of courtship follow the standard baseball analogy that denotes that lip locking is first base and sex is a home run. (I always forget what second and third base are). So unless someone changed the rules of the game, I don’t see how one gets to any of the subsequent bases without tagging first base first. You’re not supposed to be able to score without rounding all the bases, otherwise folks would be hitting home runs every at bat and that sounds a bit boring to me.

Honestly, I need kissing to have proper sex. Sure I can do it without swapping spit; but where’s the fun in that? I’m about passion and kissing is an important part of expressing that to a partner. So having sex without kissing is like doing it with my hands tied behind my back—take smooching out the equation and you’re just messing up my groove.

I remember this one time in college me and this girl Tina were messing around and about to get down when I went to kiss her. She stopped me and said she only kissed guys she was in a relationship with because it was “too intimate.” Mind you this was right before we were about to do the deed, so that just threw me for a loop. We wound up having sex but it just didn’t feel right without kissing. Out of instinct and natural desire, I kissed her during the act and Tina obliged me briefly but I could tell she definitely wasn’t into kissing. That was definitely a turnoff. It’s like if you ain’t gonna kiss me, then don’t bother doing me. We hooked one more time but I couldn’t deal with the no kissing thing and the last time was our last time.

No offense to Tina or any woman like her, but that no kissing thing sounded a lot like some prostitute shit to me. What I mean by that is I’ve seen documentaries and heard stories where hookers say they’ll do any and every thing with their Johns but the golden rule is always no kissing. That’s the one thing they save for their personal life/relationships. I’m sorry, but if you’re willing to take it in the ass in an alley and slob on random penises for a living, kissing you is the last thing on my to-do list. Just to reiterate, I’m not knocking any woman for wanting to kiss who they want when they want, but to put it on a higher plateau then intercourse? Someone’s gonna have to explain that one to me.

So what gives with no kissing, ladies? What’s your rationale behind the belief that kissing is more intimate? Do women that view kissing as the ultimate form of intimacy only sleep with men they kiss? Or do they sleep with guys they don’t even like and just kiss the ones they do? Or were the women that’ve told me they don’t kiss just not that into me? Fellas, any of y’all ever heard the same thing from a woman? What was your response? Can you have sex without kissing? Do any guys have a similar rule where they won’t kiss chicks they’re not into but will still sleep with them?

Speak your piece…


How Long Can You Go Without Sex?

Although I have no scientific proof to support the following claim, I believe women can go longer without sex than men. I say this because I’ve actually known females that have gone years without being intimate with a man. Given so many guys’ propensity for doing or saying dumb shit, I can understand some sisters holding out on the good stuff until someone worthy (or sometimes just lucky) enough to gain access to her Magic Kingdom comes along—but damn years!?!?! I think everyone has a breaking point when it comes to how long they can go without sex, and I imagine it’s a lot sooner than 365 days.

When I say “breaking point” I’m referring to that period of time when the horniness just becomes overwhelming and you’re Jonesin’ real hard for a physical fix. It’s like you’re a dope fiend itching for that next hit. For me, that comes at about the two-month mark. That doesn’t mean I can’t go extended periods without some good-good, but somewhere around that 60th day I start to go batty and my whole mood changes. I first noticed this a few years back during one dry spell with the ladies when I found myself constantly snappin’ on people, super aggressive and easily agitated. Jokingly, one of my boys said, “Damn, you need to get some ass.” I laughed at first but I realized that my lack of release for my sexual frustration was in fact affecting my demeanor.

My friend’s theory was confirmed a few weeks later when I finally got laid and I went back to my more jovial self. Of course a booty break isn’t the cure-all for any bad mood, but it sure does help. This was especially true back when I was running my own indie magazine and my life operated in three-month cycles. During the first month my workload was light and people would see me out and about, the next month was a bit more sporadic, but by the third I was completely MIA.

Those final 30 days were devoted strictly to work. I didn’t go out, I didn’t speak on the phone or IM much, and I didn’t have time for female distractions. Towards the tail end of this “hell month” as I affectionately called it, I would actually be held up at my boy’s crib for days on end doing all nighters just to get the magazine to the printer on time. Once the issue was done, I, along with all the male members of the staff, were mad aggy and in desperate need of the affection of a woman. After being cooped up in a tiny ass room with a bunch of guys for days, heavy doses of estrogen were needed. Whoever I was dealing with at the time would love my transition back into the quiet month because of my aggressiveness during this time of release. But I digress…

I wrote all that to query: how long can you go without sex before you start to get frustrated? What do you do as a release if you can’t find a willing partner? What’s the longest stretch of time you’ve gone without some loving? Do you notice any changes in your attitude when you go without? Does anyone keep a dick/cooch in a glass just in case of emergencies? For those that go extended periods of time without getting it in, how the hell do you keep your sanity?

Speak your piece…

Doing Da Butt (Owww)

Dear NWSO,

My current “supplier” is pressing me to have anal sex with him. We’re not dating seriously; he’s just the dude I call when I need a quick fix. But all of a sudden he’s on this new shit where he wants to do it in the butt. At one point I actually considered it and did some research for tips and all that, but he did some asshole shit (no pun intended) that I nixed the whole thing. The more I think about it, I really think that’s something that should be reserved for someone that’s boyfriend or husband status but I don’t want to lose out on my “supplier” because I didn’t at least try it. What do you think I should do?

Dear Booty Bandit,

First off, that whole I-wanna-wait-to-try-that-until-I-have-a-boyfriend/husband thing is a crock of shit (pun intended). Yeah, you want to save some things for the special person in your life, but if this (or any other “freakish” activity) is something that you want to do; why deprive yourself because of some false idea of what you should or shouldn’t do sexually when you’re not in a committed relationship. If you’re into freaky stuff, then do freaky stuff. I am, of course, using the word “freak” as a positive term, because ain’t no sense in holding back from doing something you actually want to do. But if this isn’t something you’re into then just don’t do it. It’s that simple.

Now in the event that you do have an interest in doing this (with your supplier or someone else that’s less of an asshole) then go for it when you find the right person. I’ll assume you’re a grown woman of consenting age, so you have the right to do whatever (legal) sexual acts you want to whenever you want to. What does a title or piece of paper have to do with your desires? Besides, what if you wait until you’re married to try all the freaky stuff and your husband isn’t even into it. Now you’re sexually frustrated because you had opportunities to do any and everything you wanted to with your supplier, or whoever, and now you’re in a lifelong commitment unable to express your true carnal side.

At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter if you’re a freak when you’re single or when you’re married, just be yourself and you’re more likely to be a sexually satisfied human being. So if you’re sexually curious about something I say do it whenever you want, just make sure it’s with someone you feel comfortable with. Whether or not you’re in a relationship shouldn’t matter if it’s something you actually want to do, but if you have absolutely no interest in a particular act then you shouldn’t do it with a jumpoff, boyfriend, or husband. It’s your body not his, if he can’t understand that just cut your loses and find a new supplier.

Now, as for the overall subject of anal sex, that’s a really sensitive topic for a lot of folks. I doubt many people—male or female—are willing to openly talk about it, mainly because of the stigma that’s oftentimes attached to it. “Oh, that’s gay,” or “Only whores do that.” But according to the Bradley Hasbro Children’s Research Center in Rhode Island, anal sex is on the rise among teens and young adults, particularly those who have unprotected vaginal sex. Experts say girls and young women are often persuaded to “experiment” with their bodies for all the wrong reasons: to please a partner. But at what cost?

Since there’s a higher likelihood for contact with blood and other bodily fluids during anal sex, experts say it puts you at a higher risk for STDs. So if you, or anyone else reading this, chooses to ride the Hershey Highway it’s best to take the same amount of precaution you would having vaginal sex, if not more. According to the Kaiser Foundation, more than one-third of new HIV infections in the United States occur among people between the ages of 13 and 29 and can be attributed to the mind-set among youth that they are not at risk of contracting the virus.

Despite the potential health consequences, many young people are under the misconception that anal sex is a way to have intercourse without getting pregnant or as a way to remain a “virgin.” As a kid, I remember hearing stories about girls saying they were virgins because they only did it in the ass. “It really is shocking how many myths young people have about anal sex,” Judy Kuriansky, a Columbia University professor and author of Sexuality Education: Past Present and Future said during an interview with ABCNews.com. “They don’t think you can get a disease from it because you’re not having intercourse. They can actually recite by rote how you get AIDS, but it doesn’t transfer to their personal behavior.”

Now I’m not saying that doing it in the butt is wrong (to each his or her own). Nor am I saying that doing it automatically means you’ll contract an STD. As with any sexual activity it’s about being smart, safe and sexy. I can’t stress this enough: sex is a two-way street and both partners should be comfortable in how they interact with each other physically, mentally and emotionally. So if you feel that ol’ boy is the one to take your booty virginity by all means do you. Just protect yourself, do it because you want to and always make sure you don’t write checks that your ass can’t cash.

So what are other people’s views on anal sex? Is it restricted from your sexual to-do list? If so, why? Or do you feel it’s something you’re curious about, but want to save it for your husband or significant other? Has anyone out there tried it and regretted it? Anyone care to admit that they actually enjoy it? Do people feel there is a stigma attached to it and only “whores” do it in the butt? Is a girl still a virgin if she only had anal sex? Who agrees with me in that consenting adults should do whatever they want in the bedroom, married or not?

Speak your piece…